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Intuitive healing through: 
Somatic Work
Trauma and Grief processing 

What I stand for

Living in the present is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself. It can open you up to new energy that will allow you to flow in your purpose. Often we dwell on traumas, grief, and repressed emotions from the past or worries and anxieties in the future.  By working through these emotions and processing these traumas we are able to let them go and  manifest a brighter present. 
My intention is to form an inspiring and warm community of people to motivate, create, and to help feel aligned in their purpose. Through intuitive healing such as reiki, oracle card readings, meditation, somatic healing and manifestation, I will be open, honest, and transparent with my clients.  
I believe that you are the only one who can heal yourself. With willingness and intention I would love to facilitate that discovery within you. 
To me success is, being able to live in my purpose, connecting to my higher self, building strong lasting relationships with the people in my life and being a hub of love and healing. If you have a similar definition of success, I think we would be a great match working together! 

Prices & Services

Here's what we're about

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All services must be paid in full in order to receive the service. 
If you are unsure as to which session you would like to book, I offer a free consultation before booking.

Distance Reiki

Book a distance reiki sessions from anywhere to 30 minutes to 90 minutes. 
Crystal healing will also be used. 
Skype/webcam/phone session can be done in real time or reiki can be sent for you to receive. 
30 minute session-$25
60 minute session- $50
90 minute session- $70

*Real time sessions over the phone/webcam will be an additional $5*

Pet Reiki

Distance reiki for your pet (or in person if you are local). 
Distance 30 minute session-$15
In Person 30 minute session-$25

Oracle Card Readings

3-5 cards per reading from varies Oracle Card Decks. You will get a written summary of the meanings for each reading. 
3 card spread-$7
4 card spread-$9
5 card spread-$11

Manifestation Workshop

Coming Soon

Somatic Healing Workshop

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